How To Find A Plan

How To Find A Plan

A common mistake that people make in selecting a house plan starts with their desire for a certain architectural style, or elevation. They will automatically reject plans that do not meet their elevation requirements. The result is that the customer usually doesn’t find a plan that they want with the elevation they desire.

You should concentrate on finding the right floor plan. Then modify the elevation to the architectural style that you like.

Sit down before you start and think of all the amenities that you would like…a “wish list.” How many square feet do you want in the house? Do I want just one floor? Should I have a home office? Where will the family spend their time? Will I do a lot of casual entertaining? Think of every possible thing that you would like in your house.

Use this “wish list” as a checklist for your search. Plans that meet most of this list are where you should start. Take these plans and discuss with us what changes need to be made to complete your “wish list.” Finally, discuss with us how we can change the elevation to get the desired architectural design.

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