Kitchen Design In Your House Plans

When you are looking at house plans, the kitchen design in a huge priority for the homeowner. Unlike from years gone by, the kitchen is no longer the place to hide the cook. It has become the new entertainment area and even the family gathering area.

New data from a Houzz survey reveals which trends for the kitchen have gain mainstream approval.

Although open kitchen area and islands are not new they still rank in trends that are desired.

An interesting twist was that a quarter of the respondents were interested in having a charging station for smart phones, and mobile devices. This could easily be accommodated at a desk in the kitchen area.

Storage is still a high priority in a kitchen. But, surprisingly a walk-in pantry ranks low on the desired list. Now people want a pantry cabinet that is close to the main prep area and has easy access from the garage, so that toting the groceries will not be a hassle.

The highest rank is openness. Plenty of natural light for the kitchen and views to the outdoors are greatly desired. Also, when entertaining, the cook wants to be part of the party. Having the kitchen open to the great room, dining area and the outdoor living area not only makes it easier to serve the guests but the host will still feel apart of the festive occasion.

Top trending ideas are: 1. Open to other rooms 2. An island 3. Built-in cabinet pantry 4. Eating bar with seating 5. Charging station 6. Breakfast area

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